Aadhaar Card Download

Aadhar Card Download

How to Download & Aadhar Card  Print e-Aadhaar Online

An identification system which is termed as unique or other identification number has been adopted by India to protect the requirements of individuals residing in the country. The individual identification system is quite popular in several nations because it enables the government of India to channelize the targeted services to the individuals as well as enhance the security and safety of the nation. For instance, in USA, this is referred to as a Social Security Number. This is a nine-digit code that is issued to the permanent citizens of USA along with the temporary citizens working there. This concept has been adopted by India, and the Aadhaar card system came into existence.

The UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India was developed and provided the task of issuing and developing Aadhaar cards. This agency was developed by the Indian government in the year 2009 and it directly operates under the power of the Central government. The main purpose of this agency is to verify the democratic as well as biometric details of the Indian residents.

When the data is collected, it is put into a centralized database system known as the UID database. The major data center of the UIDAI where the card details are stored is located at IMT or Industrial Model Township Manesar, Haryana, India. This project actually boasts of being the largest national identification number project in the whole world.

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  • What is the process to download the new or updated Aadhaar card?


About Aadhaar KYC

Aadhaar KYC

Aadhaar KYC is known for being an online service that enables the service providers to access the information of individuals instantly. The service is also termed as e KYC. Individuals allow the Unique identification authority of India or UIDAI to disclose his personal details to certain service providers in order to avail the instant connection or access. It includes several service providers like telecom companies, banks etc

Aadhaar card KYC is a basic and compulsory process that is required for mobile connection as well as for financial institutions. The Aadhaar card is the best way to complete the process because you do not have to give multiple documents for each kind of proof like address proof, identity proof, etc. It is a small, compact and effective document for the process.

Aadhaar card details verification need some time and individuals have to visit the centre in order to submit their cards as well as get it verified. E- KYC is very helpful in such situations. Companies and institutions do not need to visit you in person to verify the details provided on the Aadhaar card. They can directly verify the details provided through UIDAI. The entire process becomes easier and quicker.

E-KYC has modernized the entire process and offer freedom to customers for disclosing their Aadhaar details to the service providers. It is really very convenient for new and existing customers of several banks and companies.

Apply Aadhaar for Non-Resident Indian

As we know that the Indian government has made the Aadhar Yojana mandatory for all the citizens. So, the non-resident Indians who belong to India also have to enroll for the Aadhar card. This is directly concerned with non-resident Indians having their income sources in India as well. Non-resident Indians from specific countries like Abu Dhabi are totally exempted from the Aadhaar card requirement while filing income tax returns from the home. 

Aadhar card for non-resident Indians

Aadhar card doesn’t cost you anything; it is available at free of cost for the residents and non-residents of India as well as the resident foreign nationals, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality. The document requirements and procedure are completely the same for every applicant.

Individual enrolling for an Aadhar card needs to be physically present at the Aadhaar Enrollment Center of the country. You need to book an appointment with the nearest Aadhaar center in your locality to get your Aadhar number.

This is considered as one of the strongest identification proofs that can help non-resident Indians to get government jobs in the country after the returning back. They get all the benefits under the government study schemes as well as social security schemes.

Aadhaar Card E-Signature

An electronic signature or e-signature is known as an electronic data point which is associated logically with electronic data and use to sign a document. This can be letters symbols or a specific process. It is however mandatory to adhere to certain requirements setup by the Indian government regulations.

E-signature is completely different from the digital signature. Well, digital signatures can be defined as a cryptographic mechanism that is used for implementing the e-signatures. The electronic signature is really simple; it is like entering your name in an electronic document. On the other hand, digital signatures are used widely in regulatory filings and e-commerce for printing electronic signatures in a really protected manner.

In order to avail the facility of electronic signature, you need to to register your phone number with Aadhar. With this very basic requirement properly fulfilled, anyone can use the electronic signature facility to sign a document remotely. This service is meant to promote the usage of the online facilities as well as enable individuals to sign their documents securely. From the legal aspect, the electronic signature is completely acceptable.

Aadhar electronic signature providers

CCA or Controller of Certifying Authorities has recently qualified specific authorities to facilitate the signature service. This includes (n) Code Solutions, eMudhra Ltd., C-DAC, and Digio and Nexus Group.

Which documents are usually accepted as the identity proof?

Identity proof

  • Driving license
  • Voter ID copy
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of PAN card

Which documents are accepted as address proof?

  • Ration card copy
  • Driving license
  • Passport copy of your spouse
  • Voter ID card
  • Credit card statements of the last 3 months
  • Electricity bill of last 3 months
  • Bank statement
  • Insurance policy
  • Water bill of the last 3 months
  • Landline bill of the last 3 months
  • Gas connection bill of the last 3 months

Applying for a new Aadhaar card is not mandatory for an individual. And even if you fail to submit the aforementioned documents, UIDAI has the required power for walking the Aadhaar Card issuance anytime they want.

What are the documents required for Aadhar card for non-resident Indians?

Documents required for Aadhar card for non-resident Indians

Non-resident Indians willing to enroll for the Aadhaar Yojna need to have the basic documents. Documents accepted by the UIDAI for Aadhaar card enrollment for NRIs are as follows:

  • School certificate
  • Photo ID proof
  • Birth certificate

Apart from the aforementioned documents, non-resident Indians also need to provide some other specific documents which can serve as evidence for their relationship to other countries. These documents are scrutinized by the government officials as well as competent authorities in order to determine their validity as well as the eligibility of the concerned person for holding an Aadhar card.

The process of obtaining Aadhar card for NRIs

After the documents are collected and properly verified, applicants need to provide the operators with their biometric details. The Aadhar Card online process needs the biometric identification that is linked to the details collected in the form of documents. The actual process of biometric identification involved the following four steps:

Fingerprint scanning

Applicants need to provide their fingerprints of all the fingers. These prints are stored in the database of the government. It is the first as well as the most essential step towards the development of a unique ID.

Iris scanning

This is a second step towards your Aadhaar number. This process requires the applicant to visit the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre. After the fingerprint scanning is completed, this is the very next step.


Stored photographs are not accepted by the government officials. They prefer to take on the spot pictures of the applicant using a webcam, which is printed on the Aadhaar card.


This is the duration of time that is taken by the government authorities in collecting as well as linking the physical and biometric data to one another. It takes a minimum of 90 days to develop and dispatch the Aadhar card of an individual. The card status can also be tracked down by the applicant on the UIDAI portal. This can be conducted by using the enrolment number that is provided to the applicants by the Aadhaar Centre.

Update your Address in Aadhaar without documents?

Update your Address in Aadhaar Online?

What do you need to know about the Aadhar card services?

About the Aadhar card services

  • You can easily download the card online from the online Portal of UIDAI
  • Check the status of your Aadhaar card if it is generated after the enrolment
  • It has now become easy to search for the nearest Aadhaar enrollment center located in your region. You can easily look for one if you need to update your Aadhaar details.
  • If you misplace or forget your Aadhaar enrollment number, visit online to retrieve it quickly.
  • You can now quickly update your address given in the Aadhar by visiting the UIDAI web portal. This service is available at free of cost.
  • It is really easy to verify the number of your Aadhaar using the online portal
  • The Aadhar biometrics can be unlocked and locked through the online application called mAadhaar.
  • Employee can easily track the status of the Aadhar-bank account linking online
  • Checking the Aadhaar authentication history can help you to track down the authentication requests of the last six months
  • In order to protect the Aadhaar as well as provide you with extra security, you can now with retrieve or generate your Aadhaar virtual ID against the given Aadhaar enrolment number

Details of your Aadhar card

The Aadhar card actually contents several details in itself. Some of the details are directly mention on this card, whereas, the rest is stored in the database and can be accessed only through the authorized channels.

What are the details mentioned on the Aadhar card?

  • Date of birth
  • Name of the card holder
  • Aadhar enrolment number
  • Photograph
  • Gender
  • Residential address
  • QR code which represents the Aadhaar number

Which details are stored in the Aadhaar database?

  • Iris scan
  • Fingerprints

How can you obtain the Aadhar card?

As we are completely aware of the advantages and meaning of holding an Aadhar card, so we understand the importance and need of having it.

The next question which arises here is how to obtain the card. Well, there is a proper systematic protocol which you need to follow step by step to apply for your Aadhar card.

First of all, as an applicant, you need to provide your personal details as required at the time of applying for your Aadhaar. After the details are properly verified, your Aadhar card will be issued by the government of India. If you want, you can check the status of the Aadhar enrollment online.

How to Change Photo in Aadhaar Card?

Aadhaar card is known for being the most important identity proof that is provided by the government of India and it contains both the biometric data as well as demographic data of the cardholder. At times, due to multiple reasons, cardholders need to update their details. Usually, two ways are available for updating your Aadhaar card – the Self Service Update Portal and directly visiting the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre.

If you want to change the photo used your Aadhaar Card, read below to find out the details.

How can you update the photo in your Aadhaar card?

You can visit the Aadhaar Centre nearby to update your Aadhaar details. The following steps are given to guide you in changing the photograph in the Aadhaar card:

  • Visit a nearby Aadhaar Enrollment Centre for Aadhaar Sewa Kendra
  • Visit the UIDAI’s website to download the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre
  • Properly filled the form using the correct details
  • Submit this form to the executive along with your biometric details
  • Your life photo will be taken on the spot by the executive
  • The biometrics need to be provided in order to approve the details
  • A fee of Rs. 25 need to be paid along with GST need to get your details properly updated in the card
  • An acknowledgment slip will be provided to you by the executive. It will contain the URN or update request number
  • The request number can be used in order to check the status of your new Aadhaar

Retrieve your Lost Aadhaar or EID online?