Aadhaar Card E-Signature

Aadhaar Card E-Signature

An electronic signature or e-signature is known as an electronic data point which is associated logically with electronic data and use to sign a document. This can be letters symbols or a specific process. It is however mandatory to adhere to certain requirements setup by the Indian government regulations.

E-signature is completely different from the digital signature. Well, digital signatures can be defined as a cryptographic mechanism that is used for implementing the e-signatures. The electronic signature is really simple; it is like entering your name in an electronic document. On the other hand, digital signatures are used widely in regulatory filings and e-commerce for printing electronic signatures in a really protected manner.

In order to avail the facility of electronic signature, you need to to register your phone number with Aadhar. With this very basic requirement properly fulfilled, anyone can use the electronic signature facility to sign a document remotely. This service is meant to promote the usage of the online facilities as well as enable individuals to sign their documents securely. From the legal aspect, the electronic signature is completely acceptable.

Aadhar electronic signature providers

CCA or Controller of Certifying Authorities has recently qualified specific authorities to facilitate the signature service. This includes (n) Code Solutions, eMudhra Ltd., C-DAC, and Digio and Nexus Group.