About Aadhaar KYC

Aadhaar Card KYC

Aadhaar KYC is known for being an online service that enables the service providers to access the information of individuals instantly. The service is also termed as e KYC. Individuals allow the Unique identification authority of India or UIDAI to disclose his personal details to certain service providers in order to avail the instant connection or access. It includes several service providers like telecom companies, banks etc

Aadhaar card KYC is a basic and compulsory process that is required for mobile connection as well as for financial institutions. The Aadhaar card is the best way to complete the process because you do not have to give multiple documents for each kind of proof like address proof, identity proof, etc. It is a small, compact and effective document for the process.

Aadhaar card details verification need some time and individuals have to visit the centre in order to submit their cards as well as get it verified. E- KYC is very helpful in such situations. Companies and institutions do not need to visit you in person to verify the details provided on the Aadhaar card. They can directly verify the details provided through UIDAI. The entire process becomes easier and quicker.

E-KYC has modernized the entire process and offer freedom to customers for disclosing their Aadhaar details to the service providers. It is really very convenient for new and existing customers of several banks and companies.