Apply Aadhaar for Non-Resident Indian

Apply Aadhaar for Non-Resident Indian

As we know that the Indian government has made the Aadhar Yojana mandatory for all the citizens. So, the non-resident Indians who belong to India also have to enroll for the Aadhar card. This is directly concerned with non-resident Indians having their income sources in India as well. Non-resident Indians from specific countries like Abu Dhabi are totally exempted from the Aadhaar card requirement while filing income tax returns from the home. 

Aadhar card for non-resident Indians

Aadhar card doesn’t cost you anything; it is available at free of cost for the residents and non-residents of India as well as the resident foreign nationals, irrespective of their citizenship and nationality. The document requirements and procedure are completely the same for every applicant.

Individual enrolling for an Aadhar card needs to be physically present at the Aadhaar Enrollment Center of the country. You need to book an appointment with the nearest Aadhaar center in your locality to get your Aadhar number.

This is considered as one of the strongest identification proofs that can help non-resident Indians to get government jobs in the country after the returning back. They get all the benefits under the government study schemes as well as social security schemes.