What are the benefits of using Aadhaar electronic signature?

Benefits of using Aadhaar electronic signature

The e-signature actually comes with multiple benefits which are mentioned below for your convenience:


According to CCA, these service providers are certified and qualified for providing this facility. They hold the license for providing this process under the IT act. The keys of the users are developed on the Hardware Security Module and are totally destroyed after one-time use. This prevents the misuse of Aadhar information of users.


The verification process can be conducted in several ways depending on the device availability at the end of the service provider. The biometric verification is a very basic option where fingerprints verification and iris scanning are done. The second option is the one-time password. Here, a one-time password or OTP is sent to the registered phone number of the person, which confirms the process of verification. Thus, the entire process becomes highly flexible and easy.

Remote assistance

Aadhar electronic signature is a virtual service where individuals are not needed to be present physically during the process of verification. The entire process can be conducted remotely, which helps to save a lot of time as well as eliminates errors and delays. At the same time, the use of hardware tokens can also be eliminated.

Complete privacy

When it comes to the privacy of the signatory, the entire responsibility falls on the solution providers and service providers. In order to ensure this, the entire Aadhaar information is never involved in the whole method. The service providers can access only the required information of the signatory.

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