What are the documents required for Aadhar card for non-resident Indians?

Documents required for Aadhar card for non-resident Indians

Non-resident Indians willing to enroll for the Aadhaar Yojna need to have the basic documents. Documents accepted by the UIDAI for Aadhaar card enrollment for NRIs are as follows:

  • School certificate
  • Photo ID proof
  • Birth certificate

Apart from the aforementioned documents, non-resident Indians also need to provide some other specific documents which can serve as evidence for their relationship to other countries. These documents are scrutinized by the government officials as well as competent authorities in order to determine their validity as well as the eligibility of the concerned person for holding an Aadhar card.

The process of obtaining Aadhar card for NRIs

After the documents are collected and properly verified, applicants need to provide the operators with their biometric details. The Aadhar Card online process needs the biometric identification that is linked to the details collected in the form of documents. The actual process of biometric identification involved the following four steps:

Fingerprint scanning

Applicants need to provide their fingerprints of all the fingers. These prints are stored in the database of the government. It is the first as well as the most essential step towards the development of a unique ID.

Iris scanning

This is a second step towards your Aadhaar number. This process requires the applicant to visit the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre. After the fingerprint scanning is completed, this is the very next step.


Stored photographs are not accepted by the government officials. They prefer to take on the spot pictures of the applicant using a webcam, which is printed on the Aadhaar card.


This is the duration of time that is taken by the government authorities in collecting as well as linking the physical and biometric data to one another. It takes a minimum of 90 days to develop and dispatch the Aadhar card of an individual. The card status can also be tracked down by the applicant on the UIDAI portal. This can be conducted by using the enrolment number that is provided to the applicants by the Aadhaar Centre.