What is the process to download the new or updated Aadhaar card?

Download the new or updated Aadhaar card

Aadhaar card download

  • As soon as the request of updation of your Aadhaar card is processed, you can easily download the updated card online
  • Visit the portal of UIDAI for downloading the updated card
  • You have the option between a masked Aadhaar card or normal Aadhaar card
  • It is essential to refresh the details of Aadhaar Card in the mAadhaar application after the updation procedure is completed

Updation of Aadhaar card

  • No documents are required for changing your photo present in the Aadhaar card
  • There is no need to submit any photograph because your photo will be clicked on the spot via webcam
  • This may take 3 months or 90 days
  • You can check the status of Aadhaar Card online using the URN given in the acknowledgment receipt/slip
  • No online process is available for changing the photo currently used in your Aadhaar card.